On the Menu this week 27 October to 30 October 2014

Fresh food for thought.

Monday -My favourite pasta
Freshly made tagliatell with olives, peppadews, asparagus, tomatoes and loads of fresh herbs

grape leaf pie

grape leaf pie

Tuesday -Grape Leaf Herb and Yogurt Pie, with marinated brinjal
My grape vine has lovely young soft green leaves to make this unusual savory cake originating from the Turkish part of Cyprus. I’ll be making marinated brinjal to have woth it.

Wednesday – Two dishes make up this mezze platter

honey roasted carrots

honey roasted carrots

Fried cauliflower with macadamia nuts, capers and chilli, and Honey roasted carrots with tahini yoghurt.

Thursday – Biryani
Biryani is a mixed rice dish from South Asia. It is made with spices, rice and vegetables. Served with rootis.


You can now upsize your meal to include a side dish or salad and dessert R80.00.
Orders can be placed ahead for the week, or before 09:30 on a specific day.
Price includes delivery in the Jeffreys Bay area.

The menu changes every week. If you would like to be on the mailing list send a txt to 072 124 8128 or an e-mail to

4 thoughts on “Meals

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  2. This sounds so lovely! I am wanting to order 3 delivered meals weekly for my Dad who lives in JBay.
    He is not vegetarian (but loves veggies) – just does not like carbs like pasta, pizza, bread etc. In fact, he would like some meat – do you not cook any meat? Or can you put me in touch with someone who does and will also deliver?

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